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STACs technology harness the thermal energy from District Heating to make cooling.

Retrofit, Plug & Play Cooling for the District Heating Industry

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This letter from a large District Heating provider is an important read..


To Whom It May Concern:

Review of STAC Technology’s Decentral District Cooling Concept

The background that a district heating plant like us (NN) take and has an interest in knowing more about STAC’s district cooling solution is that it differs both technically and instantly from all other known solutions.

If STAC's cooling concept meets its expectations, it will be a new ground-breaking technology that potentially could have a major impact both in Denmark and internationally especially in countries where temperatures are higher than in this country.

We estimate that STAC's concept to be economically very attractive as it provides district heating systems with an opportunity to offer competitive cooling exactly where the need is.

District heating plants will, without having to invest in new parallel piping systems, be able to offer decentralized cooling, which means macro-economically very big savings.

It will also enable NN, as a district heating plant, to utilize our plant's capacity during the summer period where there is no or hardly any demand for district heating.

STAC's micro-turbine concept, which connects locally to the existing district heating grid - wherever the cooling needs are - allows cooling in the rest of Denmark, which does not have the geographical advantages, such as Copenhagen.

STAC's solution come out as very promising economically, environmentally as well as technologically.

We are excited and are following the STAC Technology's further development, which we consider to be a great Danish invention with enormous potential - STAC has the potential to become a new Danish lighthouse / moonshot for sustainable cooling.


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