transport car emissions and global warming


Transport produces 7 gigatons of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions annually, or 23 percent of energy-related emissions, which is around 14 percent of all emissions. 

In individual countries, transport can account for much higher shares, even 35 percent of all emissions. 

Growth rates in emissions for some sub-sectors like air transport and international shipping are very high, so the Transport Sector requires special focus to keep emissions from ballooning out of control, as some projections indicate. 

Transport, however, is a service derived from economic growth. 

We find that wealthier people travel more, locally and internationally, and demand more goods and services. 

So, as a country develops economically, movement of people and goods increases.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, transport is constrained in some sub-sectors where few economically viable alternative fuels exist. 

Some transport, therefore, can only currently be made more efficient at using existing fossil fuels; others, however, do have alternative fuels, such as electricity for cars instead of gasoline. 

Other modes of transport can be avoided completely using information and communication technologies. Project Drawdown has examined 11 of these transport solutions


About STAC Automotive's enabling technology

Cooling without CO2 Emission

Cars emit CO2 emission according to recent studys. 

STACs cooling technology use water as coolant = Zero Emission Cooling

Extending driving range

STACs cooling technology not only provide zero emissio cooling  - it also extends the driving range by 15%

STAC makes the automotive industry green.

STAC Automotive zero emission cooling is an enabling technology. 

STAC Automotive enabling Technology

Gasoline Cars


STAC technology enables zero emission comfort cooling as well as a 15% range extension

Diesel Cars


STAC technology enables zero emission comfort cooling as well as a 15% range extension.

Hybrid Gas & Electric Cars


STAC Technology enables zero emission comfort cooling while recharging the battery pack.