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STAC Technology is an IP consulting engineering company specialised in

Water as a Coolant Zero Emission Cooling Technology.

STAC Cooling Technology Applications

STAC AC technology makes air conditioning clean and cheaper to use.


Retrofitting existing airconditioning units with STACs zero emission AC solution is a sustainable low cost solution that makes a huge positive environmental impact from day 1.

STACs technology harvest the energy from District Heating Water to make cooling


District Heating supply heating through hot water. STACs solution for the District Heating industry harvest the energy from hot water and converts it to cool air enabling cooling from hot water.

STACs cooling solution for the automotive and transportation industry offer...


STACs cooling technology offer the automobile industry multiple solutions improving energy efficiency, zero emission cooling and more.

STACs cooling technology converts excess engine heat to zero emission cooling


STACs technology enable conversion of the excess heat from the ships engine to zero emission HVAC. 

STACs technology excess hot water would be led to keep the water in the swimmingpools at a comfortable temperature 24/7, irrespectively of the vessel location.

What coolant is used in STACs technology to make zero emission cooling?


One of STACs advisory board scientists discovered in the 1990' that water could be used as a coolant - for which he was awarded EU' 1st Environmental Prize. STAC has been inspired by his discovery and successfully built its zero emission heating and cooling technology on water used as a coolant.

STACs cooling solution for Data Centres offer innovative new solutions...


Data centres are some of the biggest individual users of electricity and produce vast masses of thermal energy that STACs Technology convert into smart use.

Sustainable Thermal Air Cooling Cooling - without warming the planet

The need for cooling has never been greater - and the demand keeps growing exponentially!

The growing global need for cooling is fueled by the increased average income in emerging countries and global warming.  As temperatures rise the comfort from an air conditioner soothes the lives of many and makes it possible to get a good night's sleep. When people are rested they can work productively, learn and be creative.

The backside is that air conditioning uses an enormous amount of electricity and create Green House Gasses that deplete our ozone layer that cause more global warming. 

District Heating is most likely the most economical and efficient way of transporting energy. 

The hot water used in District Heating is pumped through an underground pipe-grid to end-users enjoying the heat and hot water.  It is used everywhere, though most people never think about it because they don't see the pipes transporting the hot water and as such it is invisible - out of sight, out of mind.

Imagine if people didn't have to buy air conditioning to get cooling.

STAC's water based cooling solution leverage on top of the existing district heating grid and provide cooling where it is needed. 

STAC cooling is probably also "the cleanest" cooling technology ever seen.


Scientific facts about global warming







Data Sources:


UN SDG - World Impact Benefits

Harvesting excess thermal energy to make ZERO Emission cold air.

 STAC's cooling concept can be used by a variety of thermal sources.

3D printing makes STAC affordable cooling solutions available everywhere.

Reduce electricity consumption >90% and carbon emission by >80%. 

Local energy providers ensure availability of STACs ZERO emission cooling. 

STAC's zero emission cooling eliminate HFCs by using plain water as the refrigerant. 

STAC technology is able to use both high and low temperature heat to make cooling.

Rankine cycle using water directly – highly effective.

Fully scalable from kW to MW capacity.


STACs technology the energy from multiple thermal sources.

About Us

Dr. Henrik Schiøtt Sørensen, CTO


Henrik Schiøtt Sørensen, Ph.D and Cofounder. Henrik has a strong scientific and research background from DTU, the Danish Technical University. As cofounder of STAC Technology Henrik's main focus is on innovation, IP and R&D in zero emission heating and cooling.

Paul Christoffersen, CEO


Cofounder. 35 years of experience from 8 startups, diplomat & corporate int'l business background from various industries. Paul is a great connector, rainmaker and facilitator. His vision of zero emission and tenacity getting new heating and cooling technologies to the global market place is well recognised. 

Gunnar Minds, Mech. Eng.


Inventor and Engineer Gunnar Minds was awarded EU's 1st Environmental Prize in 1996 for discovering "Water as a Coolant". Gunnar has 40' years of thermodynamic and cooling experience from Sabroe / Johnson Controls and the Danish Technological Institute.

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